About Us

About Commplus

What often happens in business is that the day to day activities being done ‘the way they always have’ becomes the limiting factor holding back business growth.

For 20 years CommercialPlus has been involved in helping businesses streamline these processes and deliver the information critical to management to make the right decisions for their business.

Solutions range;

From the small things e.g. us analysing your existing systems and processes and making a few minor adjustments or adding reporting tools that could save your users hours.
– to replacing your entire antiquated ERP with current state of the art systems.

Commplus Supports

All our solutions are accompanied by prompt, efficient, knowledgeable telephone and remote support giving you the peace of mind that an answer to your question is always close at hand.

CommercialPlus has a keen understanding business needs and available solutions. We’re there to help you grow your business through;

  • Increased productivity – through better systems
  • Improved efficiency – by reducing multiple data entry
  • Better customer service – from more readily available information
  • Deeper insight – with dashboard and reporting solutions